Light and Dark

Everyone loves a good sunset. It’s the closing of the day, the end of work (usually) and the beginning of relaxation. Have you ever noticed, though, how the darkness slowly creeps in as the sun retreats? Darkness is the void of light, it is not something of itself. When in a dark room, even the smallest light can be seen and is a point of intrigue and wonder.

Jesus says He is the light of the world, and that He is the way the truth and the life. In this darkness, this fallen world, he stands out. Some cower at the light that shines exposure on their sins while others run to the light in order to come into full embrace of Jesus. Darkness is not a thing, except to say it is the absence of light. For those who have the light of the world inside, let it shine brightly! For those who feel darkness inside, seek out Jesus. Let Him illuminate the corners of your heart and bring you into a loving and saving relationship.


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