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I unsurprisingly knocked on the door of MID LIFE, and it just fell over. So, of course the best thing to do is write about it. Which I am not going to do. At least not very much. What I have a passion for is the Bible, God the Creator, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. I was a history major so I love to see cause and effect, big picture stuff but I am learning to enjoy the little things too. My heart is to uncover and share with you the cultural and historical context of the Bible. I also enjoy writing about things I am learning in my Bible reading as well as my extra-biblical reading. And if I learn a lesson in life, often times I will share it with you as well.

Flack Family

I am happily married to a wonderful, godly woman who I have known since sixteen years old. We dated for 6 years through High School and College and then got married in 2002. We have three sons, Bennett, Corbin and Davis.

Flack Boys
Corbin, Bennett, Davis

If you would like to offer some suggestions or would just like to engage in further dialogue, please feel free to reach out to me at brad@bradflack.com. Or fill out the contact form below:

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