Texas BBQ

So I’ve been riding around the great state of Texas for my whole life trying the BEST BBQ in the world. I’ve decided to start keeping a list and ranking of my visits. I’ll admit and note right now that taste is subjective, and this ranking is by me and me alone. With that in mind, I’d say that anything in my Top 10 lists should appease anyone and everyone looking for some delicious Texas BBQ. Enjoy and please be sure to send me suggestions!

Top 10 All Around BBQ

1. Snow’s Lexington, TX

2. Black’s Lockhart, TX

3. La Barbecue Austin, TX

4. Interstellar BBQ Austin, TX

5. Leroy & Lewis Austin, TX

6. Truth BBQ Houston, TX

7. Valentina’s Austin, TX

8. Stiles Switch Austin, TX

9. Brett’s Backyard Rockdale, TX

10. Southern Q Houston, TX

11. Louie Mueller Barbecue Taylor, TX

Top Brisket

1. Black’s Lockhart, TX- Ask for the moist brisket/ burnt-end “bark” section

2. Valentina’s Austin, TX- Good pepper crust

3. Snow’s Lexington, TX- Overall great brisket

Top Ribs

1. Louie Mueller Barbecue Taylor, TX- Beef Rib and Candied Pepper Pork Rib

2. Black’s Lockhart, TX- Pork Rib and Beef Rib

Top Sausage

1. Micklethwait Craft Meats Austin, TX- Ask for the Curry Sausage (if in stock)

2. Truth BBQ Houston, TX- Pepperjack Sausage

3. Interstellar BBQ Austin, TX- Cheddar Jalepeño

4. Woodall’s BBQ Spring, TX- Jalepeño/Cheddar Sausage

5. All the King’s Men Bryan, TX- Jalepeño Cheese

6. Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse Elgin, TX- Pork Garlic Sausage

Top Side Dishes/Other Meats

1. Leroy & Lewis Austin, TX- Beef Cheeks

2. Louie Mueller Barbecue Taylor, TX- Cornbread (unfortunately discontinued)

3. Woodall’s BBQ Spring, TX- Smoked Chicken

4. Laird’s Barbecue Llano, TX- Chopped Beef Sandwich (permanently closed)

5. All the King’s Men Bryan, TX- Gouda Mac & Cheese

6. Micklethwait Craft Meats Austin, TX- Cheesy Grits

7. La Barbecue Austin, TX- Mac & Cheese

8. Black’s Lockhart, TX- Chopped beef frito pie

9. Corkscrew BBQ Spring, TX- Creamy Potato Salad

The following is a list of stops I recommend, in alphabetical order, by region. Feel free to try any of these out if you’re in the area! By the way, this is not an exhaustive list of my stops. If it didn’t make this list and I visited, it was just not worth listing here…in my humble opinion.

Austin BBQ Joints

1. Black’s Lockhart, TX

2. Interstellar BBQ Austin, TX

3. La Barbecue Austin, TX

4. Lewis & Leroy Austin, TX

5. Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse Elgin, TX

6. Southside Market & BBQ Elgin, TX

7. Stiles Switch BBQ Austin, TX

7. Terry Black’s Austin, TX

Brazos Valley BBQ Joints

1. All the King’s Men Bryan, TX

2. Brett’s Backyard Rockdale, TX

3. Fargo’s Pit BBQ Bryan, TX

4. Louie Mueller Barbecue Taylor, TX

5. Snow’s Lexington, TX

Houston BBQ Joints

1. Truth BBQ Houston, TX

2. 3rd Coast BBQ Spring, TX

3. Southern Q Houston, TX

4. Tejas Chocolate+Barbecue Tomball, TX

5. Woodall’s BBQ Spring, TX

6. Witt Pitt BBQ Rosenberg, TX