Can we have a chat about Jesus?

Flack Family

Welcome to BradFlack.com! I am super excited that you desire to learn more about Jesus and hopefully the content of this website will help you get closer to Him than ever before. Feel free to browse the posts. You can sort by most recent, check out the different categories, or go over to my

Featured page for blog post series.Or check out my video log (Vlog) here.

Be sure to read along with us on a daily reading plan and discuss the scriptures in a community of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Each Sunday I share the Thought of the Week, you can find those here.

I also am a pretty avid reader and will post my Book Reviews here for you.

And on a side note I’m a huge Texas BBQ fan, I have ranked my visits for you here.

All of the information is meant to unveil the mysteries of the Bible to help you understand the Creator who loves you so much He sent His son Jesus to pay the ultimate price for you.  Enjoy!


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