Welcome to my video log, or Vlog. This is a place where I post my thoughts, encouragements, and challenges. If you have any ideas for me, please send them to bradflack@protonmail.com!

10-5-2021 Can we talk?

10-4-2021 Jesus in every book of the Old Testament

4-22-2021 Back to the Foundation

4-8-2021 Go deeper
3-3-2021 Tomorrow has enough worries
2-24-2021 Good outweighs the bad?
2-22-2021 What are you preaching?
2-13-2021 Join us!
2-11-2021 Winter Survival
2-4-2021 Next reading plan on Forgiveness starts 2-6-2021 and goes through 2-12-2021. Join here!
2-3-2021 We are warriors!!!
2-2-2021 How can we have an opinion while allowing others to have theirs?
2-1-2021 30 Days to Understanding the Bible
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1-27-2021 Who are we trying to impress?
1-22-2021 Reading Plan Challenge- Next round starts 1-24-2021
1-20-2021 Message of peace for everyone today
9-24-2020 Hangry
9-22-2020 Unity
9-12-2020 Dark Clouds Precede the Rain
8-25-2020 Preparing for the Storm
8-19-2020 Taking Time
8-18-2020 QuaranTeam
4-17-2020 Live Like You are Alive
4-15-2020 Zoom Out
4-10-2020 Stay Busy, Stay Active
3-19-2020 Checking In
3-3-2020 Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
1-7-2020 You Know What You Did
10-22-2019 euaggelion- look it up
10-10-2019 Winds of Change
9-23-2019 Grace- with Special Guest
9-13-2019 Second and Third Chances
9-12-2019 Contentment
9-10-2019 Driving in the Rain
9-9-2019 Tell them before someone else does
9-5-2019 Water sprinklers
9-4-2019 The car wash
8-30-2019 Pain For A Purpose
8-27-2019 Empathy and Sympathy
8-22-2019 Flush the 💩
8-21-2019 What will our kids remember?
8-20-2019 Forgiveness vs Bitterness
8-19-2019 Improve your Value