Born to Live, Born to Die, Born to Save

It is inescapable during the advent/Christmas season to think about Jesus being born a little baby and being laid in a manger. But for a moment I’d like to zoom out and discuss the broader subject of Jesus. He was prophesied to come, be born to a virgin, in Bethlehem, etc. He is the incarnation, or the putting into flesh the existence of God. He … Continue reading Born to Live, Born to Die, Born to Save

The Christmas Lie

In a post from a few years ago ( I wrote about the subtle and simple lies that Satan weaves into our traditions, our conversations, our lives. I think because of the gravity of Christmas, he is always working double time during this season. Would you now help me as I figuratively “flesh out” or work out some of my own thoughts and emotions as … Continue reading The Christmas Lie

Bethlehem’s Nativity

Growing up in a middle class, suburban family, I remember putting out the Christmas decorations every year. And I remember we would always set up the nativity scene last. What did it look like? A lot like this: However, while this nativity still celebrates the spirit of Jesus’s birth, it is not a true representation or depiction of the event. Look at this cave: This … Continue reading Bethlehem’s Nativity