Bible Reading Plans

Join in as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ read through devotionals and passages of scripture to discuss the impact on our lives and how we can be encouraging and exhorting one another in the faith.

Reading plan for 2-27-2021 through 3-10-2021

Reading plan for 2-18-2021 through 2-26-2021

Reading plan for 2-13-2021 through 2-17-2021

Reading plan for 2-6-2021 through 2-12-2021

Reading plan for 1-29-2021 through 2-5-2021

Reading Plan for 1-24-2021 through 1-28-2021

Reading Plan for 1-19-2021 through 1-23-2021

Reading plan for 1-5-2021 through 1-18-2021