We’re on God’s Schedule Now

 Be sure to sign up for new blog posts via email!    Interruptions to our personal schedule, to discuss God with, and love on, someone in need, are not interruptions at all but divine appointments to which we must not be late. God is always on time. May we be so blessed to be called into a time for such a purpose. Our calling is … Continue reading We’re on God’s Schedule Now

Salty Life

 Be sure to sign up for new blog posts via email!    While having a special daddy and son lunch one day with my oldest, Bennett, we were eating some Tex-Mex. He grabbed the salt and began to sprinkle salt on the tortilla chips. It dawned on me, this is a great opportunity to share with him a biblical truth about Christianity. Jesus talks about … Continue reading Salty Life

The Mustard Seed and the Mountain

Be sure to sign up for new blog posts via email!      Jesus told the apostles in Matthew 17:20 that if they would only have the faith the size of a mustard seed, they could move a mountain. Now, I’m a believer in the inerrancy and truth of the Word…but this seems a bit beyond human ability. Because it is! The faith we put … Continue reading The Mustard Seed and the Mountain

Beginning, not the End

Be sure to sign up for new blog posts via email!     February 12, 2016 “The good news of the gospel is not merely about the commuting of an eternal sentence but about the commencing of an eternal relationship.” Our acceptance of Jesus is not the end…but the beginning!  We have an intimate and personal walk with Jesus.  And we have our public and outward … Continue reading Beginning, not the End

Fourth Day

On this day almost 2000 years ago the disciples of Jesus began a slow, methodical, genuine spread of Jesus’s teachings. After appearing to them behind closed/locked doors, they became emboldened and excited to share the good news of His resurrection with everyone they came in contact with. Jesus appears to over 500 people over the next 40 days, legitimizing the disciples claims and creating even … Continue reading Fourth Day

Holy Saturday 

On this day almost 2000 years ago, the population of Jews which had gathered in town for the Passover/Sabbath festivities would be unsure what to do. You see, when Jesus died at 3pm the day before, the practice of the Jews changed drastically. The above image depicts what the interior of the temple would have looked like. In the background you’ll notice a large curtain … Continue reading Holy Saturday 

Tuesday of Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago, Jesus was spending time meeting people, healing them, teaching them, and connecting with them. Meanwhile, across town, Judah Iscariot is exchanging an opportunity of betrayal to make some money. His scheme is to hand Jesus over to the temple guard in order for Him to be tried by the religious elite, and put some coin in his pocket. … Continue reading Tuesday of Easter week