The Locked Closet

“One indicator of the depth of our relationship with the Lord is our willingness to spend time alone with him not primarily for what we get out of it but for what it means to him as well.”

When you first start dating someone, you cannot get enough time with them.  Then, as the relationship develops, you know will make it, even if its just to go to Biology class.  But as soon as the bell rings you’re back in the presence of the one you adore.

When we first meet Jesus, many times we feel this way, but as time goes on and we do not keep up with the position of adoration in our lives, we neglect our relationship with Jesus.  Think of it this way, as an example I read in an old pamphlet called My Heart, Christ’s Home.  If your heart (symbolic to your soul’s being and seat of intelligence and emotions) is your home.  When you invite Jesus in, He just wants to be with you.  Spend time with you, love you.  Then, as your relationship deepens and develops, your desires become more like His desires.  He then is allowed to help you unpack some of the habits, baggage and sins in your life.  But ineveitably, we all keep a small coat closet locked up.  He knows what is in there, no doubt.  But we keep it locked up anyway.  We hide our secret obsessions, our shameful sins and our mangled memories in there, thinking it won’t hurt to have those in the one small closet space.  However, that closet is the one thing that Jesus came to set us free from, and He wants to help!  Let Him into the closet.  Let Him clean it out, and let Him remove the lock from that door.  Show Him that your relationship with Him is not always take, take, take.  Allow Him to give, give, give.  Allow Him to help you in the things you are not so aware of in your life.  Be there, be with Him.

I wrote this post while reading Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden.

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