Insurance Salesman


How often have we relied on the insurance agent to help us out after a car collision?  We really don’t like paying the monthly price for the policy, yet we are so relieved to have it in those moments out of our control.

In a way, that is what following Jesus should be like.  We must pay a price to follow Him in our lives.  We sacrifice things to make Him a priority.  And we relish those sweet moments of quiet with Him as a dear friend and confidant.  And, when those troubles come as it states in the book of James, He is there waiting to help us through.  We cannot expect our insurance agent to help us after a wreck if we haven’t paid the price to keep up the premiums and keep in communication with him about our property, our needs and our desires for coverage.

Let Jesus be your insurance agent.  And I don’t mean a “get me out of hell free card” type of insurance agent, as that would be a bonds-man.  A bond is different.  Once you have a bond, you must pay off or work off the debt of that bond, or works for your salvation.  Jesus, however, just asks you to follow Him, and He will be there with you.  He has already paid the price for your sins, but as John 14:21 states, whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one that loves Me.  Faith in Jesus, by His grace alone, results salvation and in turn the burning desire for us to willingly follow Him.


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