Courtroom or Hospital

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Romans 3:23 and 6:23 point out an obvious problem in humans and its result. And once we have come into a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus, we have been justified (made legally whole to be in God’s presence) and are in the process of sanctification (the process of becoming more and more holy from the inside out). Yet, we still remain in these “jars of clay”. These easily broken and cracked vessels. We still struggle with sin and fighting off temptations. But very often we seek to place ourselves over someone else morally. We want to feel better about our own humanity. And when we do this, especially in the church, we as Christians are taking the role of Judge. Jesus came as 4 roles…judge, prophet (preacher), priest (minister) and king (leader). We are called to find our role as a member of the body of Christ in one of these ways…except Judge. That role is solely reserved for one who has no sin and has earned the right to preside over everyone else. So, we have no deserved, innate or inherent ability to judge or condemn others. Now, don’t be confused, we are supposed to judge situations, circumstances and people against the scriptures to weigh if they are right or wrong, but never to condemn or judge if they could be saved, are redeemable or if they fit some “typecast” model for a believer or not. Therefore, let us not allow the church, whether the building itself or the body of believers, to be a courtroom for the lost or left behind. Instead, let us be a hospital. A place where the sick, battered, abused, downtrodden and unwelcome are healed, cared for, saved, lifted up and welcomed!


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