Beginning, not the End

“The good news of the gospel is not merely about the commuting of an eternal sentence but about the commencing of an eternal relationship.”

Our acceptance of Jesus is not the end…but the beginning!  We have an intimate and personal walk with Jesus.  And we have our public and outward walk with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We should not bring someone to the starting line and then walk away.  We are to come alongside them and run with them.  That way we can help them along on the journey, and when they have made the lap, they can come alongside someone else who is at the starting line, and so on.

It seems to me that anything that exists longer than me, either in the past or the future has the potential to have more impact on this planet than me. If this is the case, what better way to spread the good news of Jesus than to disciple the 12, send them out, and watch it grow. That methodology outpaces personal interactions and public spectacles. By pouring into others, we not only replicate the disciples DNA but we also continue our own faith journey through others. So from the beginning of time, to Jesus, to our current relationships, the message is bigger than each of us. Yet it requires independent decision and training.

I was reading The Gospel & Personal Evangelism when I wrote this post.

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism

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