Salty Life

While having a special daddy and son lunch one day with my oldest, Bennett, we were eating some Tex-Mex. He grabbed the salt and began to sprinkle salt on the tortilla chips. It dawned on me, this is a great opportunity to share with him a biblical truth about Christianity. Jesus talks about being the salt of the earth in Matthew 5. So I asked him if putting the salt on the chips made them better or worse. He responded in an almost giddy voice “Better!”. And I then was able to explain how we as Christians are to be the salt to those around us. I then asked him if that meant we were to make people’s lives better or worse, if we are the salt to them. He immediately exclaimed “Better!”. And so we then discussed possible ways to be salt to his sphere of influence. I’m not a perfect parent, but more and more I’m trying to carpe diem those spiritual teaching moments in order to pass on my spiritual knowledge to my sons. Casual, intentional, consistent discipleship of my boys. I think that is what I’m called to do at home.


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