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As you are enjoying these posts on my blog, please know that I want more than anything for you to come into a deeper and more relevant love of God and His Word. If you learn at least one new thing each time you read a post, or if it encourages you or even challenges you, then I have succeeded.

The best way for you to show appreciation or help your sphere of influence is to Like each of the posts that you have enjoyed. Liking posts increases the results on search engines so others can more easily find them. Then Subscribe to the blog itself, as Subscriptions increases interest in other blog readers as well as syndicating agencies and news outlets. Then Share it on your social media outlets, this is where you help get the word to your friends, family and neighbors. This is way more effective than any advertising or marketing I could try myself. I try my best to bring the content back around to the Gospel, as information is not the same as transformation. But God’s Word will not come back void. So Like, Subscribe, & Share!

You truly are the person I am writing this to, and God is the person I am writing it for.

Thank you!


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