Roundworms, Tapeworms & Heartworms


While sitting at the vets office, it dawned on me. You see, just the night before, our beloved cat Rocket hacked up a nice juicy, white worm. Then he hacked up a couple of more pieces of worm. So we kept him in our bathroom overnight to make sure he didn’t hack on our rugs, carpet or furniture while we slept. We woke up to a number of spots on our bathroom floor. So I’m waiting on the vets to get him examined and treated and a thought creeps in. Does Rocket know he has worms? Does he know that there is something inside of him and that he can’t get rid of them on his own? That they can hurt him and eventually would kill him if untreated? I’m not so sure. I think he just kind of felt puny and hacked up a few times. I don’t think he understood the gravity of his condition. He is just a cat, after all.

And in very similar ways, Rocket is us. We have things inside of us, that eventually will lead to our death and demise. They hurt us until they kill us. What are they? Sins. Sin is not something we have to practice or become good at, we can do it right from the start. And it is going to kill us. But just like I am responsible for the cat as it’s owner, your very Creator, the God of the universe, who made you in His image and seeks to have a relationship with you. This God knew we couldn’t heal ourselves. And so He sent His son Jesus to heal the death, that eternal spiritual death of eternity apart from God, by allowing Him to die a sinner’s death while having no sin Himself. And then to defeat the death caused by the sin by rising from the grave. God took care of us, even before we knew we needed it.

Have you allowed yourself to receive the healing and the salvation from God provided by His son Jesus?







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