They are not too young!

A mom was cleaning the house when she thought she heard her child outside conversing loudly with someone. Not realizing someone else had come over she popped the window open to check on what was going on…this is what she heard:

How can we better prepare our kids to share the gospel? Are we modeling it? Are we encouraging them? Are we feeding them the scriptures? They are not too young!

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  1. This is the most wonderful sermon I have ever heard. Out of the mouths of babes. No they aren’t to young just an excuse parents use. One of my children church kids would drag her cousins out in the yard. first give them the gospel then order them to accept Jesus. If they wouldn’t she would beat them up. I had to make her understand it had to be their freewill decision. But I was still happy she wanted her family to go to heaven so much.
    I am sure your heart wanted to burst with joy when you heard this.

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