Unity in Community, Uniqueness in Individualness

Concerning relationships and community: “…the Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist as three persons. One God- perfect oneness- yet three persons. Difficult to understand or not, the idea of the Trinity turns out to be vitally important because it tells us that God himself has been experiencing community throughout eternity. Community is rooted in the being of God.”

We were never meant to live this life on an island.  Adam was created, and God said it was not good for him to be alone.  The man and the woman come together and become ONE flesh.  God created humans, in his image, to be in community with each other.  Separate, brought together in unity, they become one.

When we see others in our life that have more spunk, or can speak better in public, or have better hair…we sometimes approach these people to find out what it is that makes them unique and to see how we may also have what they have.  You see, that is like the body of Christ.  Many parts, many members, many functions, many gifts, many talents and abilities…one Body of Christ.

“The logic of mathematics-where two is always two and can never be one- was transcended by the logic of love. In the Trinity, God is three and yet one. God creates human beings male and female-and the two are one. Jesus prays for his followers, for the church, for all redeemed humanity to become one. This is the “new math” of God: Everything equals one.”

I was reading Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them by John Ortberg when I wrote this post.

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