“…even today, if you hear of a pastor being fired from a church for “moral reasons”, you can make a pretty safe bet that “moral” involves either sex or money (or both)…however, we are not scandalized by lack of love. But Jesus is!”

Why do we have outrage at people who sin?  Why do we proclaim that THEY have broken our society’s moral code and must be publicly humiliated?  Don’t we all have our own personal and private sins?  Why do we find it so gratifying and juicy to see someone fall?  Why do we find it so heart-breaking to see a fellow believer come crashing down?

I think down deep inside, we all have a tendency to revert back to the “better-than-these-but-not-as-bad-as-them” mentality.  When you look at the gospel, however, we see that we ALL have fallen short of perfection.  EVERY one, even Mother Teresa and the Pope have sinned.  They try not to, and we admire that for them.  But we are all born into this life, into this fallen earth, as sinners.  I have 2 young boys.  And there was no way that I taught them how to sin.  They naturally and quite successfully accomplish it on their own.  So we must remember that since we are all broken, busted and bruised sinners, that we are to show love and grace and mercy towards one another.  Not accepting what they do, but accepting them as a person.

I was reading Everybody is Normal Till You Get to Know Them by John Ortberg when I wrote this post.

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