Bow and Arrow-Missing the Mark

Someone who asks,” Why would a loving God want to send a good person to hell?” must need to know that He doesn’t! In fact, He wants you and me to spend eternity with Him in heaven and has already sent His son as the means to that end. There has to be more than just this life. It’s way too complicated and intricate to be a puff of mist in time. And while God is perfect, holy, pure and cannot look upon or be in the presence of sin, any amount whether big or small in our eyes, He created us and loves us. Sin is an old archery term. It means to miss the mark. As we see the word sin conjur many images and thoughts, all it really says is that we did not hit the bullseye of perfection like God. So we are at a loss it seems…unless God makes the first move towards us. Which He did! It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been or if you’re knocking on the gates of hell at this very moment. To take on Christ as your savior and as the substitution for the payment of your sins and my sins and repent from our conscience sinning to follow Him, you and I will be welcomed and embraced fully and instantly through Christ into eternal life. James 2:10

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