Jesus Christ, Social Activist

“Activism in social issues is not the gospel but a fruit of it.”

Jesus did not come from His throne in Heaven at the right hand of God to create a new political reign on the earth.  In fact, that was one of the temptations that Satan offered Him.  However, we see that these kingdoms and political regimes on this earth will all pass away.  I am NOT for the endangerment of human rights, I think God has some pretty important words for us in scripture about the sanctity of human life, even to the point where He sent His son to die for it so His glory would be seen. That being said , though, Jesus did not kick Herod out of his chair while he was alive.  He did not usurp Caesar and take over the reigns of the empire.  In fact, Jesus said to render what to Caesar what was Caesar’s, then move on.  Activity in the realm of social and political issues is not bad.  In fact, I think they have helped many Godly causes.  I do think though that believers who spend too much time battling for a “Christian” kingdom here on the earth or think that we have ever had one (i.e. America) are a little zealous.  That is not the example Jesus gives us and it certainly is not the role He came to play while he ministered for 3 and a half years.  He kept His wits about Him, He stayed on the task of doing the Father’s business, and then completed His work.

“Increasingly, evangelical Christians are realizing that social justice and the gospel go hand in hand. A recognition of the biblical basis for caring about the poor and their many needs is close to God’s heart. Today, Christians are hearing God’s call to actively pursue justice issues such as protecting the defenseless, being a voice for those deprived by legal systems or by unfair business practices and so forth. But some evangelicals are stretching the gospel to equate it to loving service. This may be a result of how the gospel has changed us, but social action, as important as that is, is not the gospel! It is a result of the gospel being loved out by caring for others.”

We must strive to understand that acting like a believer is not the same as sharing the Gospel.  A testimony can even share HOW much Jesus changed a person without fully sharing the Gospel message.  We need to be telling the truth of the Gospel to those in our lives in a real and applicable manner.  We cannot just live it out.  We must also speak it.

I was reading Tell the Truth by Will Metzger when I wrote this post.

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