Meddling in the Mundane

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January 26, 2016

“Sometimes believers will refuse to do a specific task in the church…because they feel it is beneath them. They want a more “important” job. But if a person will not do a simple, thankless task, he or she doesn’t yet have the character for a more visible position in the church.”

Why is it that the senior position, or boss, or head pastor or whoever it is in the position of authority has such a hard time doing the mundane and seemingly insignificant things in the church?  Now, I understand the role of delegation, the idea behind a chain of command and even the thought of efficiency with time.  But, what I have a hard time understanding is why when faced with a simple task, which would speak volumes to someone, a leader would not bend over and do it.  Let’s hold up here for a moment.  My wife would be one of the first to confirm that I do not always willingly handle the annoying things around the house that need to be done to keep us that one step into civilization and out of utter chaos.  I mean, seriously, its a cup…why can I not seem to get it from the sink and into the dishwasher.  How can she look at me with love, adoration, honor, and respect if I don’t make those minute and mundane tasks happen myself?

I was reading Real Life Discipleship:Building Churches that Make Disciples by Jim Putman when I wrote this post.

Real-Life Discipleship: Building Churches That Make Disciples

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