What’s in a Name?

   This is a statue of Saint Anthony of Padua. He is a notable young member of the Franciscan order. The Franciscans were among a movement of others who saw the early church spiraling out of control with power and corruption as it became even more influential than many of the kings of the time. And sought to live out a more humble and Christ-like lifestyle.

I took this pic as I was walking along the San Antonio River Walk in San Antonio, TX. As I pondered the reason for the origination of this place, I’m reminded of all the monks, priests, friars and deacons who arrived here in what was once no man’s land, frontier, to spread the gospel of Jesus. And the sacrifices they made to live here, to leave homes, families, friends, comforts. And, not that I get carried away with the whole sainthood culture, but St. Anthony is known as the patron saint of finding lost things. I find that very interesting that a little group of missions in the plains of the Texas hill country, in what was once Mexico, named this place San Antonio. They did not come here by accident, they came to bring hope, light and life to those that were lost in their sin. They came to find what was lost!

What a fitting name to a deeply historical town.


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