Building a Legacy

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While at a conference in San Antonio, Texas, I stopped for a moment to enjoy the bright colors of the sunset bouncing off the buildings and the sky. As I noticed the structures all around me, I began to wonder…would any of this be possible for me to enjoy without the risk takers? What I mean to say is, who first decided to settle here, who decided to build the missions here, who decided to develope neighborhoods, pave streets, lay infrastructure, erect multi-story buildings, etc…?People with a vision, a passion, a calling, who wanted to leave a legacy for those who would follow. And that is our mission as the body of Christ, to spread the gospel message, build up the priesthood of believers and to prepare our physical and spiritual children to continue on until the return of Jesus. 

When you reach the pearly gates, will you have wished you would have worked longer hours, made more money, built a larger house, or driven a nicer car? OR would you wish you had spent more time with family and friends, given more money towards God’s work, lived below your means, or helped fund missionaries in their efforts to share the gospel by supplying them with a reliable means of transportation while driving a humble vehicle yourself?

These are just questions, but I’d like for you to consider them none the less.

What kind of legacy are you leaving?

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