What’s Your Brand?

When you see these brand logos you can surely recognize most, if not all of them immediately. Some evoke childhood memories, others adolescent reminiscences while some may bring up angry adulthood emotions. Some may mean nothing to you but others may be a huge part of your life.

When Jesus was living life with his disciples He told them that people would know they were His followers, or Christians, by their love for one another. Christian simply means “little Christ” by the way. So, if our logo to the world of being “little Christ’s” is our love toward one another, why do we treat each other so poorly?

Just the other day I had to shamefully and humbly walk in to one of my employee’s office and ask for forgiveness in the way I had treated them. You see, I had reacted defensively and pridefully to a comment they were making to me. Yes, they are my employee, but they are also a fellow believer and Child of God. And for anyone, especially this person and dear friend, to see my “logo” as anything but Christlike love is unacceptable. My reactions to stimuli are MY reactions. I can’t pin those on anyone else…ever. They accepted my apology and we reconciled and hugged. That is what it means to love. Not that there is no conflict, but that the way we react to it shows others the love of Christ.

My wife often tells me, again I’m being transparent with you reader, that she is my wife and not my employee. I get so caught up in being efficient, being productive, being on task that many times I steam roll through situations that need a more delicate touch. I forget that my logo of my newness in Christ is my love towards others, especially my own wife! Please pray for all of us to remember that Christ came to die and bring reconciliation of us sinners to God and bring glory to His name. His love of us was not lost in the fact that we were still sinners. But instead He loves us while we are IN our sins. That is His logo of love…we need to wear it everyday for others to see Christ in us.

What would others around you say is your logo?


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