Alone on the Mountaintop

My grandpa has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now. He had to have an emergency procedure due to severe complications one of his conditions. At 80 years old, this has been a rough span for him of an otherwise healthy and happy life. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to visit with him about God, the temporality of our lives and Jesus as Lord sitting at God’s right hand in heaven. He expressed to me that he had been living in pride of self-realization, of how He had lived out his life, and how HE had been successful. But since this has all happened, he said that God has humbled him, and let him see that God is in control, not him. You see, when we acknowledge God, His sovereignty and put Him above us, we are in correct posture. But when we proudly proclaim our life as our own, and stand alone on the mountaintop, we are exposed, prone to failure and not in correct posture to God. Yet, we all clamber and climb to get to the top. We all seek to gain and grow, but the life of Christ examples for us is to lower ourselves and come down the mountain and submit ourselves to live and love others ahead of ourselves. Which would you or I rather be, alone on the mountaintop or among His people doing His will?

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