Thursday before Easter week

Path to Jerusalem

Going back almost 2000 years ago today, Jesus, and therefore his disciples, would have made a marked transition from wandering Galilee to making his last planned and purposeful march towards Jerusalem by this point. While Palm Sunday looms on the horizon this morning just a few days away, let’s look at what the crew was up to today. Traveling at 18-20 miles per day on foot, they would have stayed overnight at hospitable stranger’s homes. Luke 9 tells us that just after the Transfiguration, Jesus casts out a demon from a boy after the disciples had tried and failed (Luke 9:42), and they journeyed onward towards Samaria. When they arrive there, Jesus is not interested in staying and teaching like usual, and the Samaritans reject him. Then the disciples asked if they should call down fire and destroy the town (seems like a knee-jerk reaction to me) and Jesus tells them to chill, and they continued onward. They have traveled approximately 40 of the 106 miles from Capernaum to Jerusalem via the Judea Beyond the Jordan trail. They then headed east and crossed the Jordan river and headed south to the ruins of Jericho where he heals a blind man. Eventually they arrive at the home of Martha and Mary where they will stay the remainder of the Holy Week (Passover for them, Easter for us). They have now traveled 104 of the 106 miles.

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