Friday before Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago, Jesus and his band of brothers would be taking daily trips from Mary and Martha’s house in Bethany to the temple in Jerusalem, 4 miles round trip. On the way into town, Jesus seeks a snack from a fig tree. After finding none on it, he curses it and walks away. When they arrive at the temple, Jesus casts out the money changers. You see, a Jewish person could not offer Roman coin as tithe since it bore the image of Caesar on it. Therefore the money changers would exchange your Roman coin for silver or gold coins or more likely pieces of silver or gold at an exchange rate in their favor of 12%. So to tithe $10, you’d exchange your money and be able to actually give $8.80. Or if a sacrifice was required, they would sell you a “clean” animal in lieu of the one you brought or as the case was in some sacrifices that you did not own the type of animal required so you would have to purchase one. Of course these were marked up at exorbent rates. He then heals many at the temple and the children begin chanting Hosanna to the Son of David. This enraged the chief priests, scribes and religious leaders. They ask the children to stop but Jesus simply states that they are fulfilling prophecy. They do not return to Bethany this evening since sunset marks the Sabbath and Jewish tradition holds that they must not walk too far that day. They would stay over at an accommodating persons house in Bethpage on the Mount of Olives in order that their trip this evening and in the morning back to Jerusalem would fall in line with Jewish observance of the Sabbath.

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