Saturday before Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago Jesus and the gang are headed back to Jerusalem for the Sabbath. On the way they notice the fig tree Jesus cursed from yesterday is withered and dried up. A flock of Greek Jews in town for Passover week ask Philip for an introduction and a chance to meet Jesus. Jesus agrees, saying now is His time to be glorified. After a PSA from a voice overhead stating that Satan was about to be cast out and that Jesus will glorify God’s name, they return to Bethany. Notice each day that their journey passed the Garden of Gethsemane, foreshadowing of later this week, and that much of their time so far has been spent in and around the temple. Jesus did not reject the Lord and His ways so he respected and obeyed the mosaic law. Yet he also stiff-armed and chastised the religious leaders and religious elite for their empty and hollow practice of His Father’s commands. This was beginning to not sit well with those people and Jesus was building up a long list of enemies, who were even now beginning to plot for His removal and even his execution.

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