The Mustard Seed and the Mountain

Jesus told the apostles in Matthew 17:20 that if they would only have the faith the size of a mustard seed, they could move a mountain. Now, I’m a believer in the inerrancy and truth of the Word…but this seems a bit beyond human ability. Because it is! The faith we put in Jesus to handle our everyday is a supernatural connection to His power. And if He wills to grant us our prayers, nothing in this universe is impossible for the Creator of said universe. However, why have we not seen any stories of the apostles or any other believers throwing mountains into the sea? I’m not sure. But I think it may be an indictment on our faith. We think we have such amazing faith, but if you’ve ever seen a mustard seed, it’s about the size of a grit (for the southerners reading this, you know what I’m talking about). Just know it’s small. Larger than sand, smaller than gravel. And Jesus said that if we had faith as small as that, we would be able to move a mountain. I’ve never been to the Himalayas, but I’ve been to the Rockies…and I’m awestruck every time I see those peaks in the distance.

Let me flip this around on you, though. What if the mountain was falling on you? Would it be easier to cry out in faith to Jesus to help you then? Maybe the moving of the mountain is not meant for our self satisfaction but rather for His glory? And maybe we realize that we have less faith than we thought and that when its all coming crashing down on us, that’s when our faith, and therefore God’s glory, can really show through.


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