I spy…

“To live in God’s world is to be confronted daily with visible reminders of invisible realities.”

Every one over 30 years old remembers the Where’s Waldo craze. I still like to play I spy with my boys.  I pick something obvious for them at first, just to get their confidence up.  But as the game progresses, I choose objects which are not quite as obvious for them to find.  They must think, ask questions, take in the whole world around them.  And even then, they don’t always see what I see, I need to show them.

As believers, we need to know that God is always playing I spy with us.  Sometimes they are super easy ones.  Other times they are so difficult, we will never find them unless God shows it to us.  We must always try and be aware of the surroundings around us and not just on ourselves.  If God is omnipresent, then that means He is in EVERYTHING we see, and we need to strive to see what He sees.

Seeing God in everything is not too difficult of a task when your mind is honed in on His radio station. Listening to the Holy Spirit gives us insight, direction and clarity as we stumble through this dark world.
I was reading CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet by Michael Emlet when I wrote this post.

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