Tuesday of Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago, Jesus was spending time meeting people, healing them, teaching them, and connecting with them. Meanwhile, across town, Judah Iscariot is exchanging an opportunity of betrayal to make some money. His scheme is to hand Jesus over to the temple guard in order for Him to be tried by the religious elite, and put some coin in his pocket. … Continue reading Tuesday of Easter week

Monday of Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago the Jewish families, those who have not traveled with theirs, will begin to look though their flocks or go to the temple in order to purchase the paschal (Passover) lamb. According to the Exodus account it must be a 1 year old male sheep or goat with no blemish. These are not little newborn lambs. They are not … Continue reading Monday of Easter week

Palm Sunday of Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago we see Jesus entering Jerusalem with the help of his disciples. He fulfilled prophecy and set into motion the blood lust of the church leaders. Matthew 21:1-11 shows us the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Jesus, having now spent many days going back and forth from Bethany to Jerusalem, sent the disciples on ahead where they would … Continue reading Palm Sunday of Easter week

Saturday before Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago Jesus and the gang are headed back to Jerusalem for the Sabbath. On the way they notice the fig tree Jesus cursed from yesterday is withered and dried up. A flock of Greek Jews in town for Passover week ask Philip for an introduction and a chance to meet Jesus. Jesus agrees, saying now is His time to … Continue reading Saturday before Easter week

Friday before Easter week

On this day almost 2000 years ago, Jesus and his band of brothers would be taking daily trips from Mary and Martha’s house in Bethany to the temple in Jerusalem, 4 miles round trip. On the way into town, Jesus seeks a snack from a fig tree. After finding no fruit on it, he curses the tree and walks away. When they arrive at the … Continue reading Friday before Easter week

Thursday before Easter week

Going back almost 2000 years ago today, Jesus, and therefore his disciples, would have made a marked transition from wandering Galilee to making his last planned and purposeful march towards Jerusalem by this point. While Palm Sunday looms on the horizon this morning just a few days away, let’s look at what the crew was up to today. Traveling at 18-20 miles per day on … Continue reading Thursday before Easter week